I am certified, practicing ayurvedic therapist offering my services on Menorca.


I organize small retreats/trainings where you equally experience learning/practicing the technique of bodywork as well as receiving it. Coming out with the confidence to practice, profound experience of its effects, and valid certification.


Within a limited capacity of individual work, I can help you with the experience of reconnection to the inner self with a help of Ayurvedic Marma Massage or Foot Reflexology, treating specific bodily issues, ayurvedic constitution type, the diet recommendation. 

Retreats & Individual bodywork


4hrs/day 10days RETREAT

Would you like to become more confident with your touch and learn the basic, traditional, simple yet efficient pressure point system of Ayurveda?

Say Yes!


This Marma massage training will take place in Es Migjorn, 10 days with two-day break (weekend) in the middle. We need 3-4hrs together every training day, I am flexible to start between 11am to the latest 2pm, we can all agree on the timings according to your individual needs. I will provide tea, beverages, and some quick energy snacks.

We will learn in pairs so every day you experience both, receiving the touch, feeling the effects, as well as learning the touch / stroke /acupressure technique properly.

I will give you a hard copy of massage scriptures, covering all the basis of our work together, but please always feel free to take extra notes/photos/videos during our classes. There will be time for questions and debates after every class.

At the end of the training, upon your 1.5hr relaxed performance of what has "sunk in" (either on each other or your selected loved ones as model clients) you will receive a certificate of completion, granted by iphm.co.uk, the holistic medicine body I am currently registered with.

We learn how to use the tuning fork for vibrational healing, which you get to keep, quality massage oils, organic essential oils, floral waters/hydrosols for individual ayurvedic constitutions.

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Homemade Skin Care


Do you see those suffering from pain mentally and physically and want to help?

Did you know that you can access every organ and gland in the body through our feet?


In this comprehensive workshop, I will teach you everything you need to know about reflexology and Ayurvedic medicine and how in combining these practices, you can help heal many body-mind related health issues.


You get the opportunity to have real life, practical experience and get certified by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

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In this intuitive whole body therapy, I combine a variety of bodywork techniques with natural plant and essential oil aromatherapy,, present touch and sound healing with each session tailored to your unique physical and mental condition.

The Marma energy points in your body are the crossroads between the physical, mental and soul and as a Marma point therapist I can stimulate these points to access and heal different health issues and change energy levels within your body.

The utilization of Reiki and Sound Healing helps move energy into the marma points and creates a powerful ambience in which to work and release.


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Swedish Massage


The worlds of the Ayurveda and Reflexology combine in this deep healing massage session. 

Each session starts with a short consultation so I can tailor our time together to your unique needs. An epsom salt and aromatherapy foot bath calms the entire body and is followed by a Padabhyanga massage using carefully selected ayurvedic remedies relevant to your needs to release tension and stress. Moving into reflexology acupressure, we focus on your relevent energy points and perform Kasa Vatki to release your toxins. 

We end our session with Sound Healing blended with Marma acupressure to center you and bring you into the present.

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stay with us

After traveling Asia for 7 years it was time to settle down. We found our paradise in the small village of Es Migjorn on Menorca, one of the balearic islands of warm hearted locals. Declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1993 due to its amazing diversity of flora and fauna, and landscape that ranges from unspoiled beaches and valleys, to caves, wetlands, and sand dunes. Menorca is also attractive for its natural parks, treks, yachting, diving and other water sports, delicious cheese, original mayonnaise, wineries, gin distillery, and a shoe industry. There is over 300 historical remains of a talaotic culture to be explored. Our lovely small village is located 20mins drive from Mahon airport, it has various shops, bars and restaurants in a short walk distance from the front porch. There is a summer wave of tourism, festivals, concerts and events in case you ever feel bored on our land. Community of like minded expats seems to be slowly growing on the island as there is an alternative kindergarten, zero waste shops and lots of yoga classes happening here. The is all off grid, there are solar panels to supply our eco-fridge, washing machine and other electronic devices. Water comes from the well and there is plenty of it. The house is built from the local stones in a traditional way, it is spacious yet cozy. There are no noisy neighbors but Andalusian horses in the stable above our property, goats and sheep, one old dog, several cats, lizards, birds of pray and red dragonflies.

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woofers & workaway


Want to come and volunteer with us? 


We provide accommodation at our home in Menorca in exchange for 4 hours of work a day, sometimes less. You'll always get at least one day a week off, sometimes more! We don't provide meals, but our kitchen is open for you and sometimes we will cook together. We can accommodate two people at any one time, in a comfortably furnished and spacious tent next to the main house. It comes with a double bed, shelves, hangers, electricity and wi-fi. Common areas are the bathroom, kitchen, dining area and outdoor spaces. We are also open for creative artists who would like to contribute with their art to our eco-project we would love to hear your ideas!


What kind of things do we need help with?


Tiling the soil / Cutting the grass / Clearing the land of old branches, bramble and stones / Clearing our meditation cave and fixing its roof  Building a wooden yoga shala / Trimming the olive trees / Setting up an irrigation system for the land / Creating a permaculture garden  Seeding, planting, watering, keeping the area clean / Building compostable toilets and an outdoor shower

Minimum stay is 7 days.

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about petraveda

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Deep Kumar

Yin Yoga TTC 2018

Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Claudia Welch

Ayurvedic nutrition

Melanie and Robert Sachs

Ayurvedic Skin Care / Ayurvedic Detox

Dr. Pratima Raichur

Ayurvedic Beauty Care


David Crow

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy & Massage / Marma Therapy


Dr. Martina Ziskova

Ayurvedic Spices


Shri Siddhartha Krishna

Vedic texts

Swami Deepak Anand - Braham Yoga and Ayurveda

200hr Hatha Yoga TTC / Refloxology / Reiki / Ayurvedic massage

Usha Devi

Iyengar Yoga

Ursula Margharita - Scaravelli Yoga/Yoga Biodynamics

Partner Yoga / Partner Acrobatics

Reflexology Institute, London

WatPo Traditional Thai Massage School, Bangkok

My name is Petra and i'm an Ayurvedic therapist, practitioner and student; experimenting with Ayurveda and yoga in everyday life, trying to understand what connects us to each other.


I am a dancer with the world as my stage. For six months I move to the eastern rhythms of India and for the other half a year I sway to the western ones.

I found a passion in Ayurveda - mainly in eating and cooking, touch-based therapies that move us from thinking to perception and in combining these with reflexology, reiki and sound healing I have been blessed to able to help people overcome their limitations.



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I am located Es Migjorn Gran, Illes Balears, Spain

Email : petraveda@gmail.com 

Whatsapp # : +420702838041

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